Having trained at Toronto School of Art and with painter Leon Soriano and inspired by the energetic brush strokes of painters like William De Kooning and Joan Mitchelle. Carries vibrant pieces exude elements of abstract expressionism. With themes of action painting, figurative, abstract florals. She predominantly works in mixed media with acrylic, watercolor, gauche, ink and spray paint on a variety of sizes but mostly large scale.

“I’m always open for experimentation, I believe quite often that my subconscious is painting for me. Then the story unfolds itself”, says Carrie.

Carrie’s work is an ever-expanding technicolor movement where there is always something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. The meaning of a piece of art is always subjective and Carrie explains the importance of open interpretation of her creations. “I encourage everyone to apply their own meaning to my work. Each piece is created from a specific emotional centre within me”.

Carries hopes are that everyone can find something to connect with through her work. She openly invites all to join her into the vibrant world of color. Diving into the depth of her psyche she charges her energy with colourful bursts of creativity and translates this onto the canvas. The idea is so centered around self-affirmation self-qualification and self-introspection. Her brush strokes act as a therapeutic adventure into understanding more about the self.

“The aim of the art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance”. — Aristotle

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