Carrie McIntyre
Hello all!
My name is Carrie and I'm an abstract painter. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I now live and paint in Toronto. I have studied at the Toronto School of Art and have trained with painter Leon Soriano.

My work is best understood in relation to mid-century abstraction. I paint who I am and the landscapes of my psychological and emotional life. These works are an organic expression of the complexity and beauty of how I experience this crazy world!

I paint across more than one abstract style and my current body of paintings is organized into multiple series including: abstract expressionism, action painting, figurative, abstract floral and landscape forms. Pieces range from all different sizes and are mostly large scale acrylics on stretched canvas. I also work in watercolours, spray paint, ink goache, pastels and graphite.

My studio is centrally located in the heart of the Queen West art district in Toronto, and I always enjoy meeting other artists and clients that are interested in my work. I also welcome private and site-specific commissions, so I'd love to hear from you.

I truly love painting. These paintings are about the joy of personal expression and I hope they bring joy to those who see them!

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